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Los Angeles, California – Today OmNom Apps released Anagram Twist, a clean and fun word jumble game on the iTunes App Store for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™. This application takes unscramble-type games to a whole new level with thousands of possible words to solve, numerous categories to select puzzles from, and crisp graphics.

In this game, players shuffle, jumble, unscramble, and move around tiles in order to figure out all of the words within a puzzle. They are also awarded for deciphering the six letter word and completing the puzzle. Anagram Twist also features the ability for players to see their last correct word, clear tiles, and arrange letters in a variety of different ways.

“Players will enjoy the thousands of words that we packed into this game. Some of the words are pretty simple, while others require a little more tinkering or a larger vocabulary to figure out. Either way, we think Anagram Twist is a whole lot of classic, down to earth fun,” says Tony Ngo, Co-Founder of OmNom Apps.

Check out the gameplay video:

To celebrate this special time of year, OmNom Apps is giving players, who download the application now, the ability to score a free holiday themed puzzle pack.

Anagram Twist is available now for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™ users running iOS 3.0 and higher. Get it now in the iTunes App Store .


Los Angeles, California – OmNom Apps today announced the release of Scribblr. This application marks the second official release by co-founders Tony Ngo and Kevin Hamano.

Scribblr is a fun and addicting game that combines drawing with how well players know their friends. Players have the option of connecting to Facebook or using the application as is.

As a standalone application, users are prompted to draw a variety of things about themselves. An example of this might be, “Draw yourself as a super awesome secret agent.” By connecting to Facebook, their friends are pulled into the mix for even more fun; for instance, “Draw Tony N. as a super awesome secret agent.”

Prompts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and encourage players to be silly, playful, and imaginative.

Scribblr features posting to Facebook, the option to tag friends, saving to library, multiple colors to draw with, and line-smoothing. Players are also able to earn points and achievements within the application. Points are used to calculate levels and award players with different job roles illustrated by Darrell Hawkins.

To celebrate Halloween and the application’s October release, players will find a few themed treats within the application including costumes, vampires, and perhaps even a zombie or two.

“When designing this application, we wanted to create something that we would enjoy playing with our friends. All of the features within Scribblr are built around this concept. Splashed with a few random surprises here and there, we’ve come up with an social drawing game that we’re quite proud of,” says Kevin.

Scribblr is available now on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Los Angeles, California – OmNom Apps today announced the release of Button Smasher Free, a free version of their already popular game.

Button Smasher Free is a fast-paced game that will leave users wondering what they should press next. Players use a set of buttons at the bottom of the screen to clear shapes as quickly as possible. In doing so, players are able to earn more points and rank against others.

Button Smasher Free contains the recent significant update to Button Smasher. This includes a variety of power-ups, Game Center, new leader boards and tweaks aimed at making the game faster, more strategic, and more engaging.

In addition, Button Smasher Free still features fun graphics–including doodles by Chris Asuncion ( sounds, an original track by Mike Choi (, in-game pause, retina display support, and OpenFeint integration.

“With thousands of scores already posted to OpenFeint via the paid version, we’re excited to introduce Game Center and the game as a whole to a brand new audience. We’ve come a long way from developing small flash applications. We’re excited to take this small step and see what the future brings,” says Kevin Hamano.

Button Smasher Free is available now on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Los Angeles, California – OmNom Apps today announced a significant update to Button Smasher–semi-finalist in the inaugural AppMadness Tournament.

This update includes:

– The addition of power-ups
– New sounds and graphics
– Counting score
– Game over screen
– Slight tweaks aimed at improving game play

With the introduction of power-ups, players are encouraged to play faster and more accurately in order earn them. For every few smashes made, users will earn a new power-up. It is up to players to strategically determine when to use them.

With a push of a button, power-ups are activated. Power-ups come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They provide for a more strategic experience for varying types of gamers.

“We were quite surprised by the support we received while in the AppMadness Tournament. Coupled with all of the people posting their scores to OpenFeint, it became apparent that we needed an awesome update to thank our users. We’re quite proud of this update and hope users will like it too,” says Tony Ngo.

The new Button Smasher is available now on iTunes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.