Word Search Master

iOS 7 Design

"Clean, refreshing, and simplistic" are just a couple of words that have been used to describe Word Search Master.

The game uses style notes from iOS 7 to reveal a design that is both minimalistic and fun to use.

An easy-to-read font makes scanning for words less of a hassle while a slight transparency allows you to still find the words you're looking for.

Subtle blur effects and colors that are easy on the eyes help further create and enjoyable experience.

Easy to Use Interface

Pick up and go is the name of our game.

Whether you have a minute or longer, Word Search Master is designed for you.

A quick start button on the main screen allows you to easily access the next puzzle that needs working on. Large buttons allow you to simply navigate through the application while visual indicators on most of the screens show you your progress through the app.

On our game screen; hints, a word selection bar, and highlighted words help enchance your word finding experience.

Hundreds of Unique Puzzles

Ever heard of a Wobbegong or Plott? What about endive or dandelions?

What's in someone's salad in one part of the world might be someone elses' weed in another.

In Word Search Master, discover hundreds of puzzles, each chock full of unique words. From animals to food, occupations to locations, you'll have a ton of words to keep you entertained--with more on the way.

Each puzzle also features a set of hidden words to add to the fun. Go all the way by finding all of the revealed and secret words.

Simple, Fun, and Challenging

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