Anagram Twist, Now for Android

It’s been a while since we first created Anagram Twist–a little over two years to be more exact. Since then, we’ve come out with a couple of new games. None have resonated with so many people as this simple app though.

Having been downloaded time and time again with well over 40,000 ratings, many have asked for us to create an Android version of this game. The stars never really aligned to make this happen, until recently that is.

Anagram Twist for Android is pretty much the same as our iOS application, but we’ve included stars for you to unlock additional content and a hint system for figuring out what more difficult words are.

We hope you will enjoy this application as much as our first creation. Download it now for free and let us know what you think! Hopefully we can create more apps for Android in the future.

OmNom Apps Brings Anagram Twist to Android


Los Angeles, California – Today OmNom Apps released their most popular application, Anagram Twist, for the Android OS. Anagram Twist continues to delight users of all skills and backgrounds with a clean and fun word-gaming experience.

In Anagram Twist, players must figure out words that can be created as a result of six tiles with letters on them. Players unscramble and jumble these tiles around to come up with words. They receive stars for attempting a puzzle, figuring out the target six letter word, and discovering the rest of the words in each puzzle. Anagram Twist features numerous categories and dozens of puzzles to keep players’ word sleuthing skills sharp.

Anagram Twist for Android comes complete with everything in the iOS version of the application, and then some.

Stars have been incorporated more into the game to allow players to unlock additional content. A hint system has also been integrated that players to more easily figure out difficult words.

To date, Anagram Twist has been played by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. It has been described in the App Store as both “Fun and addicting,” and a game that “keeps my family and I together trying to figure it out.”

Anagram Twist is available now for Android users running 2.2 and higher. Get it now on Google Play.

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How to Solve Anagrams

Anagrams, like those found in our app, Anagram Twist, might looks like a whole bunch of jumbled letters, but there’s actually a bit of science that can be applied towards solving and figuring out words. To unscramble anagrams more effectively, try out these helpful tips and strategies:

  1. Search out prefixes and suffixes. If you can get rid of two or more letters (for instance, “UN” or “PRE”), you can more easily handle unscrambling the rest of the letters.
  2. Some letters more naturally go together, like “CS,” “CH,” and “TR.” Use this to your advantage.
  3. If these tricks don’t work, try organizing the letters on paper in a specific shape. You might try isolating vowels and consonants on opposite sides, organizing letters in a circle, or creating a grid with the letters to be used as the X and Y axis.
  4. Sometimes, you may have to systematically go through iterations of a single word. In our app, the “Last Word” button should help you quickly recover where you left off.
  5. If all else fails, you might try an anagram solver. Here’s one of the best we were able to find.

    With these tips and tricks, you’ll be solving anagrams more efficiently in no time. Looking for something new in the way of strategies by the way? Check out the recent article we posted about cryptograms.