Penguins Escape from the Zoo. Help Feed Them in Penguin Shuffle.


Los Angeles, California – Today, OmNom Apps released Penguin Shuffle, a simple penguin-themed, puzzle game for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™. In it, players take on the role of a wandering adventurer who accidentally stumbles upon a waddle of penguins. These penguins have escaped from the zoo and found their way to Antarctica. They don’t have their trainers to feed them though.

The goal of Penguin Shuffle is to get as many penguins to their desired meal. To do this, players must swipe penguins on the board to get their target colored penguin to their preferred colored fish in the shortest number of moves. To make things a little more difficult though, penguin slide all the way until they hit an ice block or a wall. As squid is considered a delicacy in this world, any penguin is more than happy to feast on them.

Penguin Shuffle features fun graphics and easy gameplay for up to 6 players. Play with friends for an exciting board game experience.

Penguin Shuffle is a game that is simple enough for kids to pick up but complex enough for the whole family to enjoy, or as Anastasia Chidester explains, “A real colorful and engaging party puzzle game! Great to play with the kids and friends alike.”

Pick up your own copy of Penguin Shuffle today–now available for iOS and Android.