Pixel Scan Slides into the App Store


Los Angeles, California – Today, OmNom Apps released Pixel Scan, a minimalistic, pixel-art puzzler for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™. Pixel Scan is the latest mobile game from the publishers of Anagram Twist and Spy Words.

In Pixel Scan, players are tasked with figuring out what the image on the screen is. The catch is that players are only able to see a smaller sliver of the image, at a time, as it slides across the screen. Is it a letter, an animal, a star?

This game will have players thinking outside of the box spatially to figure out what each shape is.

Pixel Scan features a sleek minimalistic design with dozens of puzzles ranging from easy to challenging. The game also features additional modes that will increase the overall difficulty of the game.

“It’s a unique challenge that’s just the right balance of difficulty and achievability. When you figure it out, there’s this great sense of accomplishment and you feel clever. It really makes you learn how to look at it differently.” says Thomas Bennett, developer of Pixel Scan.

Pixel Scan is available now for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™ users running iOS 6.0 and higher. Get it now in the App Store.

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