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"Nice seeing you around here."

Introducing Pixel Scan

Imagine, for a second, what the world of scanner would look like… pixel by pixel, taking note of what’s there and not there, putting each line together to ultimately form a complete image. Pixel Scan takes this concept and flips it on its head. Given just a small viewing area, an image slides across the… Read more »

Introducing Penguin Shuffle

What do you get when penguins from a zoo escape and find their way back to Antarctica? You get a whole bunch of starving penguins. As a wandering adventurer, it’s your task to help acclimate your feathered friends back into the wild–showing them how to find food for themselves. To do this, you slide penguins… Read more »

Introducing Hashi Link

What do you get when you combine OmNom Apps’ user experience with a beloved Japanese number puzzle? You get Hashi Link–our latest mobile application for iOS. In Hashi Link, you take on the role of a bridge builder. Going from island chain to island, your task is to link islands together with bridges. Seems simple… Read more »

Introducing Word Search Master

We’re proud to announce the latest addition to our collection, Word Search Master. Word Search Master is an intuitive to use and elegantly styled word game for iOS. The style takes a page from iOS 7’s minimalistic design, making it both nice to look at and relaxing to play. Word Search Master comes filled with… Read more »