Introducing Our First Application!

It’s been a long way coming, but we finally submitted our first application yesterday evening. We created a few more applications before this, but neither of them stood out enough for us to fully pursue. That said, we rather like this one 🙂 (NOTE: Tony will probably detail our development process and include some tips/tricks later on down the line. Look forward to this.) Button Smash is a simple game meant to bring to life the drawings of a fun-loving youngster–that youthful spirit inside all of us. We’ve all had times where we’ve drawn random shapes. Perhaps we’ve even imagined them come to life. This application brings those drawings to life in the form of a game where you have to push the shapes (the buttons) at the bottom of the screen that correspond to the highlighted shapes above. In this game, you compete against yourself and with others to get the highest score and longest chain.

In game tutorial!

Shapes draw and pop when you press the buttons at the bottom.

How fast can you go? Compete against friends on OpenFeint. The music was created by Mike Choi. The random doodles in the background were drawn by Chris Asuncion. We hope that you enjoy this game. Look for it in the App Store soon (we will also post an update here when it’s ready). We look forward to working with the community to add more features and build even better applications. Thanks for your continued support.