OmNom Apps Connects Islands in Hashi Link


Los Angeles, California – Today, OmNom Apps released Hashi Link, a fun and relaxing puzzle game for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™. Hashi Link is the latest mobile game from the publishers of Anagram Twist and Spy Words.

In Hashi Link, players take on the role of bridge builders. These builders go from one island chain to the next making sure that the total number of bridges to an island equals the designated number on the island.

Connections can be made orthogonally, but they cannot cross each other. A maximum number of two bridges can be made only as well—it’s a classic game of bridges remade with the latest OS and simplicity in mind.

Hashi Link features hundreds of puzzles across various recognizable island chains such as the Hawaiian, Galapagos, and Falkland Islands. Game play increases in difficulty as you progress so that there’s always a new challenge in store. The game also includes three different ways of making bridges for an easier pick u and go experience.

“Hashi Link teases your brain like sudoku, but has a fast pace and modern design like Candy Crush. Have fun while exercising your brain!” says Chad Upton, developer of Hashi Link.

As usual, to celebrate the release of our latest app, we’re offering an additional free category for those who download the app.

Hashi Link is available now for iPhone™, iPod™ Touch, and iPad™ users running iOS 4.3 and higher. Get it now in the App Store.

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